Roji’s Room (TEASER DEMO) by Spicy Roll

S u m m a r y : 

Roji’s Room is a turned based rpg about lucid dreaming, consciousness, emotions, friendships, meditation, wholesome content, sleep paralysis, and adventure. You explore the dream world as Jae who has the ability to lucid dream. This ability allows him to manipulate and change things in a special dream world. (More summary shall be introduced as the game develops because it’s a mystery keke.) It is inspired by Earthbound and Undertale!

I m p o r t a n t  I n f o :

Takes place in the first 10 minutes of the game. This is an early teaser demo! The real demo  will be about 1hr to 2 hrs long!  

Two routes! Hero route and connect route ! Third route when the full demo releases!

Full demo and kickstarter sometime this year!

Controller compatible! 

Because its a teaser it is prone to bugs! Any errors please let me know!

[email protected]


L i n k s :

Twitter ( ˘⊖˘)

Tumblr Blog („• ֊ •„)


C r e d i t s :

Art/Story/Director : Jaeroll aka (spicyroll)

Lead Composer:  Jude Schell (Jaies)

Java Resources: Yanfly, Moghunter, SRdude, Galv, Fallen Angel Olivia, Astfgl

Special thanks: Z, Ghost hunter, Charolletezxz, Veynn, Bred Frown, Sandy

Install instructions

Its a RAR file! Use winRAR or something! 

Please extract it to your desired location!

The www folder has to be in the same location as the EXE file to save.

RUN exe in administrator mode! (:

Link Source: Click Here