Risu by Ryan Trawick

Risu by Ryan Trawick

Following the death of her mother, Risu Ishikawa goes to live with her estranged father, but her new home holds a dark presence.

In this short-form, atmospheric, survival horror game, players guide Risu with traditional platformer controls to escape an ever-changing liminal space. While hiding from grotesque monsters you must find items and solve puzzles to find your way out of the nightmare that has befallen you.

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  • A dark, character-focused narrative
  • Old-school survival horror puzzles
  • Original soundtrack by KFC Murder Chicks
  • High-detail, Japanese-architecture soaked in CRT fuzz
  • A mysterious and ever-shifting landscape to unravel

Originally developed for the HPS1 Architectural Horror Game Jam, it has since been expanded into a larger project.

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