Resident Evil: Mansion by Retro Mechanic

Hey guys , I am Saman, creator of the project. The game is a small part of a fan-made game, called Resident Evil : Mansion, which was developing . The game was providing based on Resident evil classic series and my ideas in the RE’s universe . The game consisted several stages and some unique puzzles with a story.

The game was story of a teenager named Peter who  wakes up and suddenly finds himself in an unfamiliar place.

The build released here includes dining room stage with a challenging puzzle.

In the following, I should add all parts of the project were handled by me, includes game design to implementation in Unity. Unfortunately, development of the project has been stopped .

In the end, I really like to know your ideas about the game, so put your comments on the page, I will definitely read them all.

Basic controllers based on keyboard & Gamepad:

Link Source: Click Here