Remnants by June Flower

Remnants by June Flower

Remnants is a top-down exploration game about descending underground into a mysterious abandoned facility.


-Every room in the game is drawn from the ground up, pixel by pixel-

-No combat, no complex puzzles-

-A non-binary protagonist with a sick cloak-

-A carefully composed soundtrack of experimental music (features some guitars by Jack King-Spooner, check him out: )-

-May contain traces of sulfur and/or the slow and inevitable dripping suffering that comes with the passage of time-

It is also compatible with Mac and Linux by using Wine or EasyRPG.

The game is free since I want everyone to be able to enjoy it. However, I do appreciate donations immensely! If you enjoyed your time with Remnants and can afford it, please consider giving me a dollar or two. You even get a folder with extra stuff. Thank you! <3

The soundtrack can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp:

Link Source: Click Here