REHQ by Alex with D., Spottedphyre

“My name is Wilbur Smithers.
Recently, I bought a new house for dirt cheap. It was like, $60.”

According to my legit real estate agent, the previous owners were amateur cultists. After many occultic experiments, this normal looking surburban house turned into a dungeon full of monsters and danger lurking at every corner. 

My mission is to cleanse this house of all evil. With soap. And water. And a nice pair of rubber gloves. 

You monsters better get ready, cause it’s time for some Residential House Cleaning, or as I would like to call it, REHQ. With a Q. Because I find that letter underappreciated.”

CoDeveloped By: 

 Alex with D. – Programming, Audio, and Game Design

 Itch.ioGamejoltTwitterYoutube | Soundcloud

Spottedphyre – Modeling, Textures, and Art Direction

Itch.ioYoutube | Twitter

Featuring Music by:

Alex with D. &

Karl PrutskidSoundcloud | Youtube

This short game was made for the HQ_RESIDENTIAL_HOUSE_GAME_JAM

Note: This dungeon is supposed to resemble the upper floor of the asset. We decided not to create the groundfloor (No game crunch for us, please). Depending on reception and motivation, we might expand the game to include the ground floor (and more monsters) in the future. But we’re quite happy with how it’s turned out so far. Tell us what you think!

| #HQHouseJam 

Install instructions

The game is made in the old blender game engine. Don’t worry, it is a game you’re downloading, not just a 3d model. 🙂

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