Raga Sukma by Kawarna Studio

Raga Sukma by Kawarna Studio

“…. if happiness is not for us, then nobody should….”

“Kirana: Raga Sukma” is an action-adventure video game. Player follow Kirana, a young girl who can do astral projection to fight her enemies;  spirit,  monsters, and normal human beings to rescue her precious little brother that has been kidnapped by unknown gang in a post-apocalyptic theme set in South East Asian folklore-fantasy theme. 

This game is still on Prototype Build. There will be still some bugs you will encounter during the play testing . We will develop our game to give more better experience for you based on your feedback.  

Please, do not hesitate to find our progress and updates on our social media and to give us any feedback from your experience.

Thank you, and Happy Gaming 🙂

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