Quarantined by Abdulaziz alnaghmoosh

Quarantined by Abdulaziz alnaghmoosh

Quarantined is a short  first person mystery game about a person trying to get out from being  trapped in hotel after being quarantined in it  after an outbreak of disease called the scarlet cough.  The game is short and it was done when i was in quarantine myself in hotel. ( my stay was not as bad as his at all!).

I wanted to make this game to see how far can i go having only 6 days to make the game and with free resources ,skills that I learned in the past few years.

Although I hadn’t done all I wanted to do in it or polished it as much as I want ( wanted to do so much more!) So I will keep adding more puzzles , more content and fix issues.

Please give it a try and donate if you want(so I can have time to create more games! or actually push this and make a full game out of it ) or say something about it in social media so everyone can try it.


The music was done by the brilliant  Alhaeeti Abdullah do please follow him!

Music by:Alhaeeti Abdullah


Update log:

version 1.02:

Added auto graphics settings update.

version 1.01:

Bug fixes.

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