Project Kat by Leef 6010

“You’re not prepared to deal with the truth…
…are you?”

A mysterious golden letter is sent to a select number of people… Its contents are unknown.


Project Kat is a horror rpg about a high schooler who’s dead set on trying a very dangerous game. Your goal is to uncover its secrets and make sure she comes out in one piece.

This is a story-based puzzle game where each puzzle has multiple solutions and outcomes! There is always another way.
The game is playable in about 45 minutes and there is only one ending but possible differences in the gameplay depending on your choices~


May contain some blood and unsettling scenes. Proceed at your own risk. 
Just kidding it’s really not that bad. But still it’s a horror game 🙂 



We are 2 idiots making this game in our free time and this is our first project of this size! We would love you for eternity if you could complete this short survey after playing by clicking here or at least leave us a short comment and rating on this page!!

Thank youu!!

Follow the development of the game, @twitter 
Follow the artist, Kaiyakii @deviantart  @twitter

For bug reports (or anything else)  you can send us an email at [email protected]

Q: How do I fullscreen?
A: F11  🙂

Linux version is up! Mac version coming soon!

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