Postal Secret by Ymar Games

Far north on a small island group, a tragedy has happened. Breaking the Postal Secret is the only way to unravel the mystery of the dead postman.

Undercover as the new postman, it is your job to find out what happened by getting to know the islanders and their stories. Even though you may start to like them, reading their letters and manipulating their relationships is the only way to unravel the mystery. The Postal Secrect no longer counts!

Playtime:  ca. 1 hour


Florian Schmeidl: Development
Tarek Spiegelhalter: Visual Design
Onur Ünal: Sound Design
Concept & Story: All

Postal Secret was developed in four months at the Bauhaus-Unviersity Weimar. It is our first respectively second game. Special thanks goes to Gianluca Pandolfo for establishing the Experimental Games Lab.

Further games created in this semester project:

Install instructions

Windows users:
In case Windows blocks the game just grant access to it by clicking on “More informations” and proceed).

Mac users:
In case you see “The application Postal Secret can’t be opened.” message do the following:

Option 1: Unzip the downloaded archive with non-default archiver (i.e. Unarchiver) -> Left click + CTRL on game icon -> Open

Option 2: Type in terminal chmod -R a+XR  -> Drag the app file in the terminal (resulting in smth like chmod -R a+xrd Downloads/Postal Secret 1.0 -> Press Enter & Click on game icon

Linux users:
Double click on the .x86_64 file. In case nothing happens: Type in terminal chmod +x  -> Drag the .x86_64  file in the terminal (resulting in smth like chmod +x ‘Downloads/Postal Secret 1.0 Linux.x86_64’) -> Press Enter & click on game icon

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