Police Force by Black Eyed Priest Games

Respond to the most deadliest 911 calls!

Police Force is a hybrid horror FPS game that pits you, a police officer, in the most horrifying and deadliest situations you can imagine.  Collect evidence, save hostages, and do whatever it takes to bring bloodthirsty criminals to justice.  

The first case is available now, with more cases coming in the future.  Each new case will add new mechanics, all which will be wrapped up into the full game.

CURRENT CASE: The Barker Residence

Respond to a routine domestic disturbance call.  However, after arriving, it becomes apparent that there is more to this disturbed family than initially thought.  Make your way through the Barker House in search of their young daughter and get her to safety.  Reports indicate that the patriarch of the family, Adam Barker, is still inside the house and is presumed armed and dangerous.  


Move – WASD

Interact – E

Holster/Unholster Firearm – F

Fire – LMB

Note: You can only interact when your firearm is holstered.

Good luck, Rookie.

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