Panzer Shoot is a high-speed single-player shooter where you have to hold out in the arena for as long as possible against countless legions of mutants. A fast tank, equipped with a powerful cannon and multiple machine guns, sets you up to destroy enemy infantry, vehicles, and buildings that grow out of the ground right in your path.


Proper battle tactics and timely upgrades will allow you to last a long time on the battlefield and exterminate tons of hated enemies. Collect technical points to improve your tank and get new abilities. Repair right on the move!


Compete against other players thanks to the global leaderboard. Test your skills and warrior spirit in this arcade arena shooter filled with adrenaline until the last second of each of your gaming sessions.

About Dev

My name is Dmitry, and I’m working on the RTS game. The game is based on my rts game and was planned as a small offshoot of the genre in the form of a mini game.

Links: Twitter, Discord

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