Onlooker by Team Bellboy

Onlooker is a first-person thriller game where you play as a journalist that’s just received a tip about “Hotel Victoria”. Write your story by investigating the hidden hallways and peepholes


Use WASD and Mouse to move and interact. 

Use middle mouse button to focus. 

C opens the camera.

We recommend you play Onlooker on a decent computer.


Go ahead! Feel free to share videos and comments. We’ll be glad to take a look at it and share it on our social pages!  

A student project spanning 3 months, 

by Team Bellboy: 

Tommas Meidel, Anders Grøndahl, Fredrik Ulvmoen, Jørgen Stolt Steinset, Erik Holst, Tonje Røsnes, Tyrone Douglas. 

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