One Night Too Many by KS98

One Night Too Many by KS98

Enjoy Your Stay, it’s to DIE for…

You thought it would be wise to stay an extra night at the grand hotel. You figured it be a great place to drown your sorrows. You were mistaken. You were wrong…

One Night Too Many is the latest Short horror game I have created, with similarities to my previous titles – ‘Ward 17’ and ‘Remorse of Revelations: Afterdeath Edition,’ but with its own twist to give it an extra unique aspect… 

(There are also TWO different endings to this game…)


W,A,S,D to Move

Space Bar to Jump

Walk over objects to interact (Keys, notes, etc)

Left mouse to use equipped item

Escape to Quit at any time

Development Background info (please read):

This game will be the last short free horror I plan to release for some time, given that full development focus will be on completing my main project, my Horror FPS title – The Long Road Back (Demo of which is out on both and Game Jolt). Originally, I wasn’t planning on making more of these, but as a thank you for the amazing support so far with these games, I figured it be a good thank you note to release one last short horror game for the time being. I would like the thank all those who have followed, donated or shared my work so far, means a great deal! 😀 

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