OMINOUS by [080] Studios™

OMINOUS by [080] Studios™

A New First-Person Horror Experience! Eerie and atmospheric nightmare where nothing is as it seems! True fear awaits!


OMINOUS plays as a first person horror game, similar in manner of games such as PT,Outlast, and Visage among others! There are a few jumpscare moments. However, the atmosphere and horrific environments, as well as….her... is what provides the uneasy horror feel.


The game follows an every-man. He is trapped in what seems to be an unending nightmare. He journeys through with the hope of finding answers to why he is experiencing such things. The lies of the past are what he must examine in order to make sense of the nightmarish visions he is seeing. Through it all, his answer awaits him. However, it may come at a horrific price.


W|A|S|D [Move Around]

MOUSE [Look Around]

I [Interact]

C [Crouch]

P [Pause Menu]



This game is intended to scare, Play at your own discretion! I am a Single Man Production Team! So Please feel free to also leave feedback!

Katherine is meant to be HARD! The best bet is to crouch when she is near, and listen to her whereabouts. the ambient music is there to throw you off a bit, but she can still be heard. She is alerted when you run and when you walk around her. And yes, she can go through walls…. Good Luck


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