Northend Open Tower Defense Battle by Northend Games

This alpha demo includes one level with destroyed tanks and barbwires and all kind of assets you can expect in the battlefield , one commander who is very angry and keeps shouting in the radio, 7 playable units loyal to you, and ready to die in battle, 12 upgrades to experiment with to create different kinds of army comps., 4 abilities to use in need, 2 sound tracks to feel the wrath of war.

Gameplay from Youtubers


Can you win with just Medic and M1Garand unit ? Try the demo and tell us. We couldn’t.

Normal day in the battlefield, money, bicycles, and random flying soldiers

What’s the open tower defense concept ?

We love tower defense games, we set ourselves to innovate on this genre ( a bit).

Rather than having a straight lines of a puzzle like level, it’s more open level now,

wider fights, more control, less waiting for action, open space for building, more creativity for the player.


   Each unit has a different use for certain situations:

  • M1 Garand: Cheapest unit to build, but good for early use.
  • Bazooka: is good for swarms of enemies ( also good for vehicles still in dev)
  • Machinegun: Good unit to take down infantry in line.
  • Sniper: Good against singular armored targets ( also one shoot kill).
  • Armored: Can tank damage incoming from enemies to protect valuable units.
  • Bicycle: Not your typical Sunday stroll. Explosive and Fast!
  • Medic: Heals wounded units in the battlefield.



A lot of upgrades to test and make army comps with, enjoy experimenting. 


Use these abilities on demand, to help you in battle!

  • Choose 5 units army comp
  • Choose 5 upgrades
  • Get into battlefield
  • Build units
  • Defend your commander
  • Survive the enemy waves
  • Win!

Simple concept. A lot of Challenge, experiment and fun.

Install instructions

  • Download .zip file
  • Place in a folder on your desktop
  • Right click > Extract Here
  • Double click Northend Tower Defense.exe
  • Win the war!

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