Nightmare by MikeyLowkey

Nightmare by MikeyLowkey

Nightmare is a “First-person”, psychological horror survival type of game created on Unity. The player is trapped in an underground banker and must find a way out while trying to survive from dangerous zombies that are walking around in the map.

The main target audience are people above 18 years since the game includes violent scenes and a scary atmosphere. People who like horror survival games will absolutely love this game since it is intense and always keeps the player on their feet.


Our character’s name is Tony. He is a media reporter working for one of the most famous news papers in Asia. About a month ago Tony started working on a story about the missing people who enter a mysterious forest in Japan. Rumours say that when someone enters this forest during the night they never return. Tony did not believe any of this, so he decided to assemble a team and go check out this mysterious forest.

When Tony and his team entered the forest un unexcepted fog surrounded our characters out of nowhere making them split apart and lose tracks of the path. While Tony was walking around shouting his teammates names he trips and falls into a hole. Tony has found himself in an underground banker not knowing what to do and where to go. Our character must find a way out and overcome any challenges that may come on his way.


This was a university project. Due to the limited time I was given to work on this project I did not manage to fully develop it and therefore you may encounter bugs in the game.

I would love to know what you think about the game as this is my first game that I have published.

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