Nightmare at the museum by RLoris

Nightmare at the museum by RLoris


You are lost in a museum where you are trying to find your way out but you are not alone, will you find the key and unlock the exit door to escape from this nightmare before it’s too late ?


This Game was made in two days for the global game jam 2021 This was our first game jam. The theme for this year was “lost and found”. This game was brought to life by this wonderful team:

How to play

You need to find a key to unlock the exit door, the key can be found in one of the rooms of the museum, once you have the key, you need to locate the correct exit door (marked in green), the locations of the key and the exit door is random for each game ! You can play music to appease your mind and stop the creature from moving toward you, don’t get caught or you will loose the key if you found it. Try to escape before your level of fear is out of control ! You can hide yourself from the creature in the light, but darkness will eventually take over…

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