Night in the Storm by Pablo Dapena, MikelOjea, DAKU, JuanchoAbad

Night in the Storm by Pablo Dapena, MikelOjea, DAKU, JuanchoAbad

Vera is the lighthouse keeper in the little island of Tempest Rock, but a storm is raging outside and the old building isn’t strong enough to face against the winds and pouring rain. Help her maintain it in tip-top shape during this dark and fateful night to keep any ships from crashing against the rocks below!

Web and downloadable version available. The downloadable version has better graphic quality and performance.


Keep the lighthouse running until sunrise. Repair the machinery that fail and break down during the night. 

Rain coming in from an open window can fill the room with water and shortcircuit the generator. Close it to stop the flooding.

The generator produces energy for the whole building and if it fails the other machines will stop working. Repair it to keep them powered up.

The engine rotates the lamp so ships can see it from all directions. 

The lamp spreads the light from the lightbulb to guide ships. Replace a fused bulb with a new one when it breaks.



>WASD / Arrow keys: Move 
>E: Interact, pick up, throw
>Q: Zoom


>Left Joystick: Move 

>A: Interact, pick up, throw.

>Right Trigger: Zoom


Original version made in less than 48 hours for Global Game Jam 20 with the theme “Repair”.

Juancho Abad – Programming, Technical artist.
Pablo Dapena – Sound design, Game design.
Mikel Ojea – 3D Art, Textures.
DAKU – Pixel art, Animation.

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