Nav’s Endless Nightmare by Andrei Zi Zhen

This game was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48

You play as Nev, a space bunny who doesn’t know why is in a distorted and nightmarish dimension full of one-eyed creatures. Try to go through deeper and deeper within the time limit you have! Nav’s health bar is constantly decreasing but you can replenish it a little bit whenever you enter the mouth of the big monster, which opens only when you’ve cleared all the enemies of the area.

Controls:  WASD – Move, Space – Jump and Left Mouse Button – Shoot.

Made with love by 

Andrew Zi Zhen Cretu

Giacomo Autili

Tomer Barnea


Re-uploaded new version with the music not overlapping each other.

We also didn’t really have proper playtest time, so the levels might feel too hard or unfair.

Link Source: Click Here