Navigating Without Coordinates by AAA

Navigating Without Coordinates by AAA

Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates is a videogame network of nine worlds – each one a personal utopia developed by a member of AAA collective.
Is a collective utopia possible?

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❌ No institutions. 
❌ No bosses.
❌ No budget.


  • Free a bird
  • Use a telescope
  • Manipulate cloth
  • Party with an alien
  • Perform some rituals
  • Shoot bio-bullets to spawn life
  • Die

And many more!


  • To play Utopias you need a three button mouse (left click, right click and a scroll wheel). Trackpad is possible but not recommended.
  • No keyboard is required.

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You can get in touch with us and give us feedback, send us love mail or hate mail here: mail @

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