Nasty Little Man by Wes Does, Lia, Midoski

He’s nasty, he’s little, and he’s got to go.

Reconstruct the cursed statue of a small, wretched man and banish his evil spirit forever. But beware—this diminutive scoundrel wants to cut you down to size.

Can you reconstruct his cursed effigy before his avatars morph you into their ranks?

Mouse & Keyboard: WASD + Mouse look
Controller: Left & Right stick

“Noooo! I don’t want to become the nasty little man!!! Noooo!”
– Another Playtester

“This game truly knows what it means to be haunted.”
– Playtester

“Euuuggh!! No!! I don’t like him!!”
– Yet Another Playtester

Additional reviews:

“This is so creppy” – Super Great716

“Don’t tell me that thing actually exists. The video was creepy as heck” – Zakurako

“I dont like What that name implies” – LVBBoi

“why it creeped me out” – Maйя

“My fears are just here. Right here.” – Aari Moonlight

“This actually got me to start looking away from my computer screen about two thirds through.” – Tales

“気味が悪いけど笑えるホラーゲームです!” – @konasu573

“I guess I’m getting smaller. F**k me I guess.” – TryShock

Technologies Used

  • Audacity
  • FL Studio
  • Procreate
  • Blender3D
  • Unity3D

Link Source: Click Here