Mýrdalssandur, Iceland by caves rd

Mýrdalssandur, Iceland by caves rd

Inspired by Iceland’s unique landscape and colours I sought out to make a realistically inspired exploration experience set on iceland’s southern coast. The game is a short immersive walk though an expansive section of land with moss, glacial rivers, foggy grasslands, waterfalls and scenic vistas. Use the game’s camera to observe and interact with the world around you while listening to an immersive curated soundtrack. Your attentiveness and eagerness to explore will be rewarded with access to hidden areas, areas that will be easily missed by a rushed player.

I’ve been able to utilise some great new technology in Unreal Engine 4 and some high-fidelity photoscanned models from Quixel to try and push the visuals in this game as much as I could. This project has also allowed me to improve many of my skills as an environment artist/developer, which means I can finish projects like these much faster in the future! I hope you are able to dive into this game without much context and just enjoy being  immersed in the world. Thanks for playing and for your support!

– $4 VR Compatible Version
Explore the world with an extra layer of immersion, accompanied by some additional VR exclusive screenshot mechanics. I also put a lot of time into optimising the game for VR so it should be a smooth experience on most headsets.
*Confirmed only working on oculus headsets, I’ll try and fix the bindings for other headsets soon!

I was able to spend time on this game thanks to all the support I recieved from the Fushimi Inari project. Check out my other projects here:

If I recieve enough support on this project i’ll also put it up on steam!

It’s no problem if you can’t donate, checking out my socials helps just as much.
I post all my work on instagram, @cavesrd
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contact info and everything else on my website
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and also, if you feel like giving some feedback or helping me improve the game, I made this short form to fill out. Thanks in advance!

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