Mr Red’s Jolly Balls by Killmonday Games

Mr Red's Jolly Balls by Killmonday Games

*DISCLAIMER: This game was done in only two weeks, from scratch and is the first Killmonday Winter Challenge.

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls is a Third person, single player platformer.

Sneeble Snowball knocks on Mr. Red’s door for help! The Evil Gnomes and The Nutkraken has taken all the presents out of the Christmas Stockings! And The Snowball Family is very sad about it.
Help Sneeble and the cute Snowballs to put back those presents in those stockings, for the children.

-Knock out Evil Gnomes with the Huge Candy Cane.
-Jump and double jump on places.
-Throw Sneeble Snowball and kickass.
-Push and drag the icecubes.
-Collect cute stars to gain extra life.
-Break the icewalls.
-Secrets to be found.
-All donations you give us for the game, under December 2019, will be given away for the Water Project.

To close game press ALT+F4

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