Mr. Krussy Requires Souls of the Damned by Dave Microwaves Games

Mr. Krussy has cursed your friends and plans on consuming your soul!

Fortunately for PatDick, he’s discovered a way to lift the curse. If he can find and obtain 8 souls of the damned, he’ll be able to satisfy Mr. Krussy’s hunger and restore balance to the world.

This game was made as the finale to the Spongey Bucko series on my YT channel. It has no relevance to Around the Clock, but don’t worry, that project is still coming along! Just wanted to upload a little something to hold y’all off until AtC’s release. Speaking of which, I’ve actually been working on Around the Clock for almost two years now, like damn, lol. We’re pretty much nearing release tho! If you want, you can continue to follow that game’s development as well as other developments over on my Twitter and while we don’t have an exact ETA on it’s release yet, we’ll definitely let y’all know when the time comes.

Thank you for playing this nonsensical game, have fun!

Install instructions

It’s a .rar, so unzip the .rar using Winrar or any unzipping program, open up the folder, launch the application and play!

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