Mother by HorrorShopGames

Mother by HorrorShopGames

What I liked about the game:

1. Interesting story. Really creepy and gruesome.

2. Art is great! I love how the mother is painted, very beautiful.

3. I absolutely adored the hidding under the blanket mechanic. This was super amazing!

4. The ending was ironic, I liked that.

What I disliked about the game:

 1. You can not actually catch anything even if it comes straight at your brothers. That would be AWESOME if it would change the scenario but it is more complicated to do.

2. The interaction for eating was unclear to me at first. Maybe it would be cool to add a sound of eating?

3. The brothers are kinds dull. Do not suspect anything, not interactable. But that is understandable, main character is the most photogenic after all))

Overall, amazing game! 5/5 on my list!

Btw it is the first game in my vid – you can check it out as well)

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