Memento Mori by TheMinusel

Memento Mori by TheMinusel

Another short, yet very interesting game from TheMinusel. I expect nothing less of him/her. This game follows the same graphics, art-style and use of audio as the rest, and of course relies heavily on the interesting stories TheMinusel so often produces! 

This game differs in terms of atmosphere, as the tunnels are particularly scary, compared to many of the other horror games from TheMinusel. The use of invisible objects in the mirrors are, though not a revolutionary idea, a nice touch to the game.

All in all a great game and a fun experience. Thank you for consistently delivering us these immersive stories and games TheMinusel! I would not mind if you one time took off from uploading games for a long period of time, to create and even better and even more ambitious project! I would personally be looking forward to such a major project from you, patiently! 😀


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