MELON by fruitdev

MELON by fruitdev

KEYBOARD CONTROLS (Can be changed in the menu, please do!)

Space – Jump
D – Shoot/Interact
Dive/Roll – A
Boost/Cancel – W
Aim up – E
Aim down – Q
Next weapon – S
Previous weapon – Shift
Inventory – F
Move right – RIGHT
Move left – LEFT
Move up  – UP
Move down – DOWN
Main menu – ESCAPE

MELON is a story-driven metroidvania styled game where you take the role of Melon, a combat android built by Exeter Renewable Energy Group. Melon is less interested in serving the company’s nefarious purposes as a killing machine and prefers finding out more about the world and her place in it.

  • Explore Weatherbeat island and unveil its secrets!
  • Destroy rampant machines and the people who built them!
  • Befriend the people of the island and learn what it means to be human!
  • Regain your lost powers and fulfill your potential! 
  • Reveal Exeter’s lies and end their reign of terror!

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After this weekend the Demo will be removed while I work on addressing all the feedback I’ve received!

About a 15-45 minute slice of Melon depending on how adept/thorough you are with this type of game. The only person I’ve seen finish it so far did it in 2 hours, so I guess play at your own risk?

The available Demo represents a work in progress and may not be representative of a finished product. Game assets may be in various stages of completeness, with some missing altogether. This Demo contains no music and all sound effects are placeholders. The game should support most gamepads, I’ve mainly used the Xbox360 controller throughout development. Playing with keyboard is not recommended but absolutely possible. There’s more work I’d like to do in order to streamline aiming while playing on keyboard. 

That said, MOST of the gameplay should work just fine but if you encounter what appears to be a bug, I appreciate you leaving feedback either here, or message me on twitter, or for lengthy feedback contact me about my e-mail and send feedback that way.

I appreciate you taking the time to play this demo and hope you look forward to the full adventure some time far off in the future! Thank you! <3

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