Medicine by End World & Coffee

Medicine by End World & Coffee

Have you ever had a headache ?

An intruder in your house wants you to get a medicine for his headache. You will have to choose between two medicines: a good ending and an alternative ending, but you don’t know which one since they are exactly the same.

Once you take the bad medicine, you discover a door leading to an insane world where characters will need your help for some stuff. This world is like an imaginary world created by the medicine, like a drug, nothing is real. But, you leave this world with a real medicine…

I worked on Medicine for 5 months, because of my little spare time. I wanted to make something where logic has another sense, like: a character find himself ugly, then take his head off and put it on something else. My goal was not really to make a story giving explanations about what and why, but an universe where things happening there are not normal and the player is just following the vibe.


Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move, pick an item, or talk.

On mobile: slide your finger in a direction.

Created with Bitsy game engine. It is a little and minimalist web-based game engine. This is why the arrows keys are the only keys for everything. The games made with Bitsy are limited to walking and talking. It has its own pixel tool.

Before playing: open your head, remove your brain.





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