Maze by Kūhaku

Welcome explorers, an ancient Maze has recently been discovered in the abandoned property of the Hargroves – a wealthy yet secluded family who lived there until their tragedy in 1945.

What happened to the Hargroves has yet to be explained. However, the appearance of this strange Maze may hold their secrets as well as their hidden treasure.

Join us and your fellow explorers to discover the secrets of this mysterious Maze.


An atmospheric story-driven adventure game.

Warning: The game contains heavy subject/matter and violence. User discretion is advised.


  • Interactive, command input game play.
  • Story-telling and Puzzle-solving experience.
  • Lots of hidden dialog and a secret ending.
  • Available for Windows.

*Important* Firewall and anti-virus programs may interfere/block important features of the game. So as to fully enjoy the experience, it is highly recommended to temporarily deactivate such programs. Thank you.


Developers Note:

All artwork/sprites are original.

Please view Credits.txt for soundtrack and sound effects.

Enjoy 🙂

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