Mama Meatball! by Austin L.

Mama Meatball! by Austin L.

Mama Meatball! You are an esteemed Italian chef who has just lost their soul in an unfortunate meatball related cooking accident. Perform carefully timed jumps, control the spin of your meatball, use your noodle rope to swing between perilous pasta platforms, and don’t get knocked off the top. You might find it’s a bit more difficult than it sounds. 

This game is not 100% finished! But I thought people might have fun with it so I wanted to release it. I thought it was better than letting my work gather dust in my hard drive.

There are currently 8 levels in the game. There is a system of unlocking medals for completing levels within a certain time frame. Your medals and best times are displayed on the level selection page. You can also do some basic customization of your chef by changing their skin tone and the color of their outfit.

If you like this game, please check out my discord:

I work on other projects and post my progress there.

Tutorial stuff that may not be clear in the game:

You must hold and release the space bar to jump, holding space charges your jump power. About  1.5 seconds will give you the most powerful jump. 
You can swing from certain points by holding the space bar while in mid air, you’ll stay attached as long as you continue to hold space. The swing points look like floating pasta and should glow yellow when you get close enough to swing from them. This system will hopefully be improved on in the future.

If people are interested, I’ll add some more stuff to the game. I wanted to add some more levels and game mechanics, and I also wanted to make my own music for the game.

I don’t currently own and I did not create the music in this game, it has a collection of some of the  most stereotypical “Italian” songs in it. The game is free, but if it becomes an issue I’ll have to remove the music or change it.

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