Make’em Cringe by Manus, Marijenburg, Sylvus

Make'em Cringe by Manus, Marijenburg, Sylvus

Thank you everyone for playing our game. If you have any problems with the WebGL build or want to play the game in more stable version, feel free to download it from the button below 🙂

Fullscreen recommended!

Game made forSonicworkflow’s Valentine’s Day Jam.

Theme: “Cringe”


Short survival game about a little ghost that protects his house from potential buyers by making them cringe away.



Hold ‘Left Mouse Button’ to move. Hit ‘P/Esc’ to Pause the game.





         Manus, Marijenburg

         Sylvus, Marijenburg

  • Music
    “Mellow Thoughts” by David Renda
    “The Unsolved Murder” by David Fesliyan
    “Dark Winds Chapter 1” by David Fesliyan

          “horror Ghost sound” by HaraldDeLuca
          “Wet Spell shoot” by Bertsz
          “Monster Screaming in a Cave” Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch
          “Clock Tick (Tik Tak)” by KaosMakinesi
          “Pound of Flesh 1” by Magnuswaker
          “Wing Flap (Flag Flapping) 5a” by ani_music

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