Machine Gun Gardener by Studio 11508

Machine Gun Gardener is a single player, endless, defense-like wave shooter where you play as a rookie gardener thrown into battle to stop fiendish farm life from taking over and destroying your prized gardens.

Use your blast gun, bullet time, flame thrower, automatic turrets, or even send your enemies into oblivion via the singularity weapon to out-shoot, out-maneuver and outlast the hungry  horde.

Progress to the next level by continuously keeping all four of your garden’s health meters above zero. If at any point their health meter reaches 0, the game is over.

Keep gardens healthy by clearing the area and standing inside the damaged zones to heal and progress.

Unlock power-up rewards and perks along the way by completing levels.

Pick off enemies one by one with your blaster or cause mass destruction by combining special weapon attacks, the choice is yours. The fate of your gardens rests in your hands!


  • Walk – WASD
  • Run  – Shift
  • Jump – Space
  • Look – Mouse
  • Shoot – Left Mouse
  • Special Weapon – Right Mouse
  • Cycle Special Weapons – 1-4 on keyboard or mouse wheel
  • Quit Game (Mac & PC) – Esc
  • Pause – Tab / C


  • 4 diversely destructive special weapons with more on the way
  • Custom ending screen based off your game play
  • Physics based explosions for unpredictable destruction
  • Low poly, vibrant colorful graphics
  • WebGL, Windows and Mac support
  • Helpful tips at the start of each play through
  • Randomized rewards for level progression
  • Options for mouse sensitivity and inverting Y look axis


Game Concept/Art/UI/Design:
•   Peter Tracy – @studio11508

GUI Tracking:
•   Waypoint Indicators by Studio11508

•   “Call to the Cows” by
Kevin MacLeod
•   “Corncob Country” by Kevin MacLeod
•   “Guts and Bourbon” by Kevin MacLeod
•   “Lost Native” by Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties

Sound FX:
•   Casual Sounds by NK
•   Sci-Fi Gun Sounds by Cafofo

•   Calaboose & Nickname created by Jakob Fischer

Windows Install Instructions

  • Download .zip file
  • Extract all from .zip
  • Right-click .exe file
  • Select “Run as administrator”

Mac Install Instructions

  • Download .zip file
  • Double-click .zip file to extract
  • Control-click the app icon
  • Choose “Open” from the shortcut menu.
  • A dialog box will pop up. Click “Open”

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