Lullaby by SoulsMindPalace

Lullaby by SoulsMindPalace

– Premise –

When Haru was 5 years old, she woke up in the middle of the woods. Without any previous memories, all alone. The only things she remembers are her first name and a song – a lullaby that’s stuck in her head.

One night, 10 years later, she awakens to the sound of the familiar song being sung and follows it, into the town near the orphanage she lives in. But when she gets there, the town is… changed. Not like Haru remembers.

And when she tries to leave, she can’t.

The main objective of this game is to get back to the orphanage and try to get Haru’s memories back along the way.

You are born a blank canvas. Ready to be painted – and tainted. After all, memories make you who you are. You are born without opinions, fears, aspirations and dreams. Only living life, making memories forms you, molds you.
But… what if, one day… you lost them?
… Who are you then?

– People Helping Me –

Art: niwa
Music: Shisu

– About the game –

Lullaby is a mystery/horror game.
Gameplay will primarily involve solving puzzles and has an emphasis on exploration.
It features:
► 1 hour – 1 ½ hours of gameplay
► Custom Art
► Custom Character Sprites
► Some Original Music Pieces

– Before playing the game –

Please make sure to install the font Asparagus Sprouts (you can find it in the folder Fonts) before launching the game. If you have launched the game without installing the font, please close the game, install the font and then launch it again.

– Some Notes –

Lullaby is my very first try at making a horror game (Or, well, any game at all), using RPG Maker VX Ace.
I am a huge fan of many other RPG-Maker horror games – and I am determined to make a decent good one myself.

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