Lost In Dreams by Stars Studio

Lost In Dreams by Stars Studio

A son lost in his dreams, finding his way back home. Will he get back to his mom, or will he go into an unexplained condition? The choice is yours.

A Short Horror Experience just for you. 🙂

This is my first attempt at a 3D Game. Hope you like the experience. Entirely built using Unity 2020.


  • Follow the voice. 
  • Follow the Light. 
  • Survive.
  • Experience the dream.
  • Dual Endings Available in this Game. 


I have updated the game and fixed all the bugs that have been noticed so far. If you experience any bugs during the gameplay, feel free to comment below. 


  • Game Programmed, Conceptualized, UI & Designed by     –    Suhail Sujaudeen
  • Voice Acting    –    Rosemary Paul
  • Quality Assurance    –    Suhaib Sujaudeen & Ansar Hussain
  • Special Thanks to Suja’s Stars Family
  • A Stars Studio Original


  • Main Menu OST – Repulsive  – I’ll Hide My Scars
  • End Game OST – Repulsive  – 1908 vol. II
  • 3D Models from Unity Asset Store
  • Sound Effects from Mixkit & FreeSounds

Link Source: Click Here