Look Behind You by Federico Rasi, LeonardoBena

Look Behind You by Federico Rasi, LeonardoBena

! This is the first version of the game, you may find some bug or glitches, we will continuing update this project. If you find a bug/glitch please report it in the comments at the bottom of this page, thank you !

12/21/2012  –  Nevada, MC Research Underground Laboratory

You wake up in a strange and dark room, you don’t remember anything, that’s a sign on your shirt that says “Test Subject 0094”, there’s no one there with you, or that’s what you think.

You need to explore the Laboratory and find a way out but remember only one thing, check always behind you.


  • WASD –> Move
  • LShift –> Sprint
  • LMB –> Interact
  • F –> On/Off Flashlight
  • ESC –> Pause

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