List of Attire and Unlockable Outfits – Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Wiki Guide

Image Name How To Unlock Outfit1.jpg Champion’s Tunic Complete The Road Home, Besieged. (C3) Outfit2.jpg Hylian Hood Complete Freeing Korok Forest. (C3) Outfit3.jpg Hylian Tunic Complete Freeing Korok Forest. (C3) Outfit4.jpg Hylian Trousers Complete Freeing Korok Forest. (C3) Outfit5.jpg Soldier’s Helm Available from start. Outfit6.jpg Soldier’s Armor Available from start. Outfit7.jpg Soldier’s Greaves Available from start. Outfit8.jpg Amber Earrings ? Outfit9.jpg Warm Doublet ? Outfit10.jpg Ruby Circlet Complete The Hope of Eldin quest. (Post) Outfit11.jpg Snowquill Headdress Complete the Fierce Gale of the Riot challenge. (C3) Outfit12.jpg Snowquill Tunic Complete The White Bird of Talonto Peak quest. (C5) Outfit13.jpg Snowquill Trousers Complete Revali, the Rito Warrior. (C2) Outfit14.jpg Sapphire Circlet Complete The Hope of Lanayru quest. (Post) Outfit15.jpg Desert Voe Headband Complete the Leave None Behind challenge. (C3) Outfit16.jpg Desert Voe Spaulder Complete Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief. (C2) Outfit17.jpg Desert Voe Trousers Complete the Colorful Kara Kara Bazaar quest. (C3) Outfit18.jpg Gerudo Veil ? Outfit19.jpg Gerudo Top ? Outfit20.jpg Gerudo Sirwal ? Outfit21.jpg Topaz Earrings ? Outfit22.jpg Rubber Helm Complete the Shocking Design Choices quest. (C2) Outfit23.jpg Rubber Armor Complete the So-Called Knight challenge. (C5) Outfit24.jpg Rubber Tights Complete The Hope of Faron quest. (Post) Outfit25.jpg Flamebreaker Helm Complete the Fighting Fire With… quest. (C5) Outfit26.jpg Flamebreaker Armor Complete Daruk, the Goron Hero. (C2) Outfit27.jpg Flamebreaker Boots Complete the Tough Bulwark of the Gorons quest. (C3) Outfit28.jpg Opal Earrings Complete The Hope of Central Hyrule quest. (Post) Outfit29.jpg Zora Helm Complete Mipha, the Zora Princess. (C2) Outfit30.jpg Zora Armor ? Outfit31.jpg Zora Greaves Complete the Armor for Whom? quest. (C6) Outfit32.jpg Stealth Mask ? Outfit33.jpg Stealth Chest Guard Complete Village Training Secrets quest. (C3) Outfit34.jpg Stealth Tights Complete The Hope of Akkala quest. (Post) Outfit35.jpg Thunder Helm Complete The Hope of Gerudo quest. (Post) Outfit36.jpg Climber’s Bandanna Complete the Mountain Rescue challenge. (C3) Outfit37.jpg Climbing Gear Complete The Hope of Necluda quest. (Post) Outfit38.jpg Climbing Boots ? Outfit39.jpg Barbarian Helm Complete the Anti-Elemental Training challenge. (C5) Outfit40.jpg Barbarian Armor ? Outfit41.jpg Barbarian Leg Wraps ? Outfit42.jpg Radiant Mask ? Outfit43.jpg Radiant Shirt ? Outfit44.jpg Radiant Tights ? Outfit45.jpg Diamond Circlet ? Outfit46.jpg Sand Boots ? Outfit47.jpg Snow Boots Complete The Hope of Hebra quest. (Post) Outfit48.jpg Bokoblin Mask Complete the A Rumor about Skull Lake quest. (C4) Outfit49.jpg Moblin Mask Complete the Cold Desert Nights quest. (C6) Outfit50.jpg Lizalfos Mask ? Outfit51.jpg Lynel Mask ? Outfit52.jpg Dark Hood Complete the Questionable Escort Mission quest. (C6) Outfit53.jpg Dark Tunic ? Outfit54.jpg Dark Trousers Complete the Fire Hazards challenge. (C6) Outfit55.jpg Cap of the Wild ? Outfit56.jpg Tunic of the Wild ? Outfit57.jpg Trousers of the Wild ? Outfit58.jpg Hyrule Warrior’s Cap Complete The Hope of All Hyrule quest. (Post) Outfit59.jpg Hyrule Warrior’s Tunic Complete The Hope of All Hyrule quest. (Post) Outfit60.jpg Hyrule Warrior’s Trousers Complete The Hope of All Hyrule quest. (Post) Outfit61.jpg Royal Guard Cap ? Outfit62.jpg Royal Guard Uniform ? Outfit63.jpg Royal Guard Boots ?

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