LIRE by ZheroIsland

  LIRE is a survival horror video game inspire from old horror RPG maker called IB,  and Witch house.

   LIRE Focus on Eve Antoinette after her family  move into another country for 10 years she is back to visit her favorite childhood spot along with her cat sebastian. Unfortunately her cat ran away deep into the forest and disappear. After eve follow the path she saw sebastian jump over the window of abandoned mansion that she had never known ever existed in this forest, she realize that the mansion is very mysterious but she need to find sebastian and get out from the mansion that contains the dark force that trapped inside.


Controller  : 

Esc                : Game paused

Move              : W,A,S,D        

E                    :   Pickup item/ search /  Open door

F                    :   Flashlight

i                    :  Open Inventory 

Shift              :  Run

Mouse         :  Camera Movement


Spec Minimum Requirement :  

–  Processor : Intel  I3       

– OS    : Windows 7 ultimate  64-Bit   

– RAM :  4 GB      

– VGA : GT 730


You can also find me at here :

Instagram :  zheroisland3010 

Twitter       : @IslandZhero 

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Development process :

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