Lights Camera Slaughter! – PROLOGUE by Disrate Studios

Lights Camera Slaughter! - PROLOGUE by Disrate Studios

In this demo, you play the prologue for the game “Lights Camera Slaughter”. Play as a 911 Operator and Officer M. Andrews, on his final shift for the day before a strange 911 call comes from the Miller & Son Slaughterhouse, Masten Lake. Discover the atrocities which unravelled there and try to escape with your life! Good luck – make sure not to lose your head…

Lights Camera Slaughter is a First-Person Survival Horror Game based around the 1990s – with a matching aesthetic. Lights Camera Slaughter is a love letter to previous PS1 horror games titles but with unique twists. This game combines nostalgic, grainy visuals with modern-day gameplay features to create a surreal and terrifying experience!

  • This Demo may not contain some features which will be presented in the full edition. 
  • The average playtime for this demo is 20-25 minutes.
  • Some aspects may change from the final release of “Lights Camera Slaughter”.
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