Lights, Camera, Slaughter! DEMO by Disrate Studios


Break a leg! You play as an intern, working on a student film studio, working on their new release “Camp of the Cannibals”! After filming on a late-night, you find yourself alone, with no-one else in sight. Searching for everyone, you come across more questions than answers!

Lights, Camera, Slaughter! will feature a unique, PSX era style gameplay alongside cinematography VHS style visuals. This demo lasts roughly 5 minutes, and does NOT represent the finished product – storyline and visuals may change on full release. The full release features will include:

  • Dialogue System
  • Hiding/Sneaking
  • Clues
  • Expansive Lore
  • Music from MXXN
  • And much more

Play this prologue demo to gather a feel for the product, and follow me on my development journey! The end product will be free to download on Itch and Steam!

UPDATE #3: Added options for film grain and VHS effects – find the options in the “OPTIONS” menu on the home screen! Fixed the AI, added main menu music and a few bug fixes!

Feel free to make YouTube videos or reviews! Feedback is key 🙂

Can’t play? Watch DashieGamaes play!

Install instructions

THIS IS A DEMO. 1) Download File (RAR or ZIPPED) 2) Extract onto Desktop/Folder 3) Run Lights, Camera, Slaughter!.exe 4) Prompt may appear for access to internet, this is optional but helps with gathering bugs/crashes

Link Source: Click Here