Light Switch by Tudypie

Light Switch by Tudypie


Light Switch is a short horror low poly game, around 5-10 mins of gameplay. Contains plenty of walking, interacting with drawers, lamps, lights switches, cupboards etc. and loud sounds 🙂 You play as a 12 years old boy that lives in California, USA and is home alone. Do you have the courage to adventure out in the dark? Or will you just turn the lights on? 


– WASD = Walk

– Shift = Sprint

– E = Interact

– ESC = Pause Game


Programming & Visuals by Tudypie 

3D Models by JustCreate – Low Poly House Interior

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This game was made in 2 days. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for playing!

IMPORTANT If you are playing the game on a wide monitor the UI will not appear correctly! I am sorry for that!

Link Source: Click Here