lemonade. by Leporine

Are all first loves this bittersweet?

Quiet, shy and anxious, confessing to your crush takes every ounce of your courage. And when it all goes wrong, the last space left that is safe is the roof.

But when a kind hand offers a carton of lemonade, how will your paths collide?

  • A compact and emotional high school story
  • 10~15 minutes of gameplay
  • 1,500 words and 2 possible endings
  • Original story and art
  • Made in one week in the spirit of O2A2 2021

O2A2 stands for the week-long ‘Only One of Any Asset’ game jam. As the name suggests, only one of any asset could be used to weave together a game – one sprite, one background, one piece of music, and so on. The jam also capped scripts at 1,000 words. Lemonade’s finalised script ultimately exceeded the jam’s limits, but this game would never have existed without O2A2, and I’m grateful to have been a part of it.

In the process of writing Ellie and Mei I fell deeply in love with their characters, and wished I could have explored their lives, shared memories and stories a little deeper. If it ever seems appropriate, maybe I’ll revisit their little world again someday…

· ✧ ·

Art, writing & code by Leporine

With eternal thanks to the following, without whom this project would not be possible:

Krystal Martinez – who brought Mei to life with her voice

Kevin Macleod – whose music saved this project from silence

Marron the rabbit – who is equal parts fluffy foot warmer, mascot and co-coder

· ✧ ·

Bonus minigame: Bunnies are hiding throughout lemonade. How many can you find?

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