Lady Ice REDUX by Nyar

Lady Ice REDUX by Nyar

Whatever you do… stay out of the dark!

Set in a wild west interpretation of Michigan, USA; an unfortunate soul finds himself trapped inside the temporary safety of a cabin in the midst of a massive, freak winter storm. While safe from the devastating weather, he is not alone. Many folk talk about Lady Ice; a terrifying spirit which inhabits the storm, freezing and devouring any who cross her path.

In this remake of my 2016 horror game jam submission, you must ride out the storm and avoid the Lady Ice as she envelopes you in darkness with nowhere to run. Keep your lantern and candles lit to stay safe as she cannot reach you in the light. But be wary – she can cast her spell of darkness. which extinguish all of the light around her. Discover the story behind Lady Ice’s appearance and find a way to defeat her once and for all.

Lady Ice: Redux has limited support for the Xbox 360 PC Controller. The gamepad is not supported in menus and does not have appropriate UI text, but can be used to playthrough all of the game! The gamepad controls are included in the README.txt!

If you’re playing on a square monitor (or 5:4, 4:3, 3:2 resolutions), some text may be cut-off the screen. A fix will be implemented for this in a future patch!

If you have any feedback at all, please let me know down below 🙂

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