Jumpin’ Jupiter by Quantum Sheep

Jumpin' Jupiter by Quantum Sheep

Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Jumpin’ Jupiter!

In the future, the last cups of tea have have been scattered across the solar system. Our heroine, Jupiter, is on a mission to get them back at all costs!

Jumpin’ Jupiter is a Manic Miner style linear platformer that starts on the (Space!) Moon, and ends on Pluto – 35 levels of  classic Speccy platforming action!


O = Left

P = Right

M = Jump

H = Pause


* A Speccy game for a new generation!

* 35 levels of platforming action!

* Avoid enemies!

* Collect tea!

* Timed blocks! Crumbling blocks! Conveyer belts! Oh my!

* Use keys to unlock exits!

* Colour clash! o/

* No sound fx! (due to the limits of PGD)

* An irritating tune!

Very Special thanks:

Sebastian Braunert, Jonathan Cauldwell, Jake May, Silver Shaman, MaryKate Clark, Blerkotron, Super Retroid, the Brothersheep, Craig and Ben Stevenson, Psychic Parrot, Mr. Tom  and all my fellow Speccy fans 😀 

Hope you like it! 



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