Jowsty+ by Mad Pangolin Games

Jowsty+ by Mad Pangolin Games

Jowsty is back and better than ever in Jowsty+!

Jowsty+ is an updated version of Jowsty, a game made by Mad Pangolin Games and Bacon Fish in 3 days for the 45th Mini Jam!

The evil Slime King has cast an evil shrink spell on Jowsty… the only way to reverse the spell is to create a potion using one ingredient: Slime Essence!

Help Jowsty slay slimes and collect the jelly they drop. But watch out! The dungeon platform can only take so much weight. Too many slimes and Jowsty will be dissolved in a pool of acid!

If you can collect enough slime essence, you just might be able to reverse the curse.

Jowsty+ brings new features and gameplay improvements such as the following:

  • Unlockable characters
  • New enemy variants
  • Unique backgrounds for each floor
  • New music tracks
  • Gamepad support and button mapping
  • A new move – the uppercut
  • And more!

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