Jo’s House by RoadDust, Patato1212

About: Jo’s house is a maze building game where you must rearrange the furniture of the HQ Residential House to create the longest path from Jo’s bed to one of the exits (front door, back door or garage). At night Jo will start rolling around the house to either attack you, eat a pie or exit the house.  Your goal is to survive 3 nights doing the following 2 things: #1: Don’t get hit by Jo.  #2: Don’t let Jo leave the house.


First person WASD with space to jump and Shift to run.
Mouse to look around.
E: to interact with things.
F: Flashlight.
Q: to drop pies (to lure Jo).
M: to bring up the map (Drag and Drop to move furniture on map).

Potential Issues: There is a possible lag issue when other applications are running while Jo’s house is playing. This issue will cause the talking text to be displayed slower and may cause Jo to teleport upstairs to the baby’s room at the start of the game (instead of walking to the kitchen).  Otherwise the game should still be functional.

Credits (Game Design and Development): Patato1212 & RoadDust

Content Warnings: May contain unsettling scenes.

Gameplay video by Ghetto Commentary (No spoilers).

Thanks for this amazing video Ghetto Commentary!

Full Playthrough by Neco The Sergal (Spoilers).

Thanks for the great video Neco The Sergal, your gamer skills are legendary!

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