It Begins Here by ScotianWolf

It Begins Here by ScotianWolf

Scotian Wolf Studio : 
This is the official demo for the project known as East Coast Nightmares.

Fear, Fate, Paranoia, East Coast Nightmares will be sure to keep you up late at night.  If you are looking for a game that starts out at a Serial Killer’s Carnival, and then has you going through several different nightmare-fueled levels you have come to the right place. Clowns, Zombies, Monsters with over 50 different unique enemy types, East Coast Nightmares will keep you trying to figure out the quickest way to kill a certain enemy.

In This Demo – 
You may have played the alpha-build that featured a prison, but now we are back with a demo full of zombies, carnival rides, Three separate nightmare locations (The demo will start you off at a Carnival and then leading you to  A Haunted House where literally everything is alive, once you find the exit you will then enter into an Underground Bunker. But that’s not all, if you are able to somehow survive the first three nights you will find yourself in a boss battle with a Leather face inspired monster that lives in a basement of a farm house. 

– Note, This game requires you to solve mysteries to access the next levels. Simply search the rooms for hidden secrets to help you 🙂

Also please note that one thing I noticed from the Alpha-Build, was that gamers were enjoying the game but they encountered several crashes to solve  this problem i have set the graphics to low to begin with, to make the graphics better simply navigate to the options in the main-menu. 

Kick-Starter : 

If you enjoy this demo please consider donating to our kick-starter as it will truly help me create for you one of the most unique-horror Indie Video games of all time. As a one man development team I am always looking for Voice-Actors, or if you have something in mind and you want to partner up please shoot me a message on my Facebook page and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.…

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