Iron Meat by Razz

Iron Meat by Razz

An hour ago, this facility was home to almost 10,000 of us. Now… there are just three left. The rest have been eaten, absorbed, or otherwise repurposed to become more of…

Whatever this is…

Iron Meat is a run-and-gun shooter featuring an onslaught of mechanics ripped from the dawn of the NES. Play as Vadim, a Sergeant Major in the Russian army, and battle the ravenous Meat across the planet and beyond.

Overcome mutated victims, evade barrages of bullets, and blitz across land and sky in eight levels of the rawest iron brutality.

The Meat is all — but will you be the one to stop it?


  • Side-scrolling combat featuring a savage soundtrack by Darkman007
  • Eight apocalyptic levels of blood and badassery
  • Enjoy classic run-and-gun and shoot’em-up gameplay with a variety of weapon upgrades
  • Unlock a wide array of character skins, from the serious to the silly
  • Test your mettle with three difficulty settings
  • Enlist the help of a comrade with Local Multiplayer mode

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