Into The Light by 2L Games

In the middle of a storm a man is involved in a car accident. When he wakes up he is disoriented and will try at all costs to find help in a nearby gas station. His search for help will take him where no one else has ventured before. 

  • A universe that we hope will be interesting with an unexpected story.
  • A realistic or almost realistic design
  • Puzzles to solve in a disturbed universe
  • Original music created by Haakon Davidsen
  • A narrator who takes part in this story
  • It’s free

For the moment it is only available for Windows, we are still encountering problems to create a build for Linux, we are looking into it but it will only be available at the time of release, maybe sooner if we find a solution. No MAC version for now.

  • Movement : You can switch between WASD and ZQSD
  • Crouch : Left CTRL
  • Inventory : TAB
  • Interact : F
  • Jump : Space Bar

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Wishlist on Steam

For now we propose you to discover the first minutes of gameplay (around 10 minutes)

Feel free to leave your feedbacks, but keep in mind that you are playing a prototype and that many changes are to be expected, be it graphical or narrative. These changes will be even better directed with your feedback.

We wish you a lot of fun playing Into The Light.

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