Into A Dream by Into A Dream

INTO A DREAM is a  2D adventure, focused on narrative, characters and exploration. You play as John Stevens, who wakes up inside the mind / dreams of a man who is suffering from depression, Luke Williams, and is told that he was sent there to find him, understand his story, and help him to take the first step out to treatment.

You will help John dig through Luke’s dreams non-linearly, past and future, where memories are mixed with fantasy and symbolism, meet his close family and friends and unfold the heartbreaking, powerful and emotional journey of his life.

You’re his last hope.

Although not with a definite date yet, the game is schedule to release in Q2 of 2020 and it’s already in the latest stages of development! If you want to be up to date please follow on Twitter ( or Discord (!



IMPORTANT: VSync is ON by default, but it seems to highly decrease performance in some computers where VSync is not needed at all. Mainly if you’re on a WINDOWS and are experiencing some slowness, please deactivate VSync! 🙂

If you tried the demo out and want to say anything about it,  either what you found good or bad about the game, what makes the game worth it or what needs to be improved, please do it in our Discord, Twitter (links above) or to [email protected] . All feedback is highly appreciated and am eager to listen to it all so I can with it improve the game as a whole!

If for some reason the game is not running properly in your computer, or is somewhat slow or with not a very good performance, please let me know so I can look into it. If possible and you can, please provide also some information about the system you’re using, such as OS, RAM, Graphics Card, etc. I sincerely apologize in advance if this happens to some of you, or if any major bug arises. There is still a lot of optimization and perfecting to be done, and I believe that the feedback is going to be vital to mitigate most of them until the release date. Thanks for understanding! 🙂

Into A Dream has, until now, a planned release for PC and Mac on Steam and the VoxPop Games platform (a new indie platform scheduled to be released in the following months). If you liked what you’ve seen of the game, and want to be up to date with news, developments, release date, wishlisting, etc, please join us in any of the social media (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Instagram) through intoadreamgame.  I am most active on the first two, however major announcements will be posted in all!


Have a great day and thank you so so much for your support!! 🙂

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