Imagine Lifetimes by Frycandle

Imagine Lifetimes – Early Edition update 1.1.0 is now available!
Imagine Lifetimes – Deadly Edition is coming in 2020 (date TBA)

Imagine Lifetimes is a narrative driven simulation game about the meaning of life. Shape your path through a series of life-changing decisions as you choose your way to the end.


  • Dreadfully lighthearted entertainment
  • The true meaning of life
  • An existential crisis

As in real life, two randomly generated parents define your character through genes. Born with the ability to choose, your actions and decisions shape the paths ahead of you.


  • Explore a wide variety of ever-changing paths and endings
  • Choose wisely, every choice has the potential to affect your playthrough
  • Question the absurdity of existence as you figure out what it means to be alive


I’ve been working on Imagine Lifetimes for over three years now. This project once started as a simple jam game called A Lifetime of Realistic Simulations here on Now, years later, I’m taking this project to the next level. Follow this page to catch the latest news, updates and announcements.

Thank you for supporting the development of Imagine Lifetimes!

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